Wichita, Kansas

We LOVE Wichita!  In fact, we love it so much, it is the location for our corporate headquarters, as well as where we choose to live, work, and raise our families. 

When we decided to open Beachy Contracting, it was with the full intent of helping our friends, family, and neighbors with high-quality, professional roofing, building construction, and concrete services.  We knew, from first-hand experience, how difficult it could be to find a solid, reputable, qualified contractor.  When in doubt, become what is needed.  That was and is the cornerstone of Beachy Contracting.

Wichita Facts

We know not everyone is from Wichita, so we thought we’d share some interesting information about Wichita, and a few of our favorite things to do.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, as well as the county seat of Sedgwick County.  As of the 2020 census, we had a population of 397,352 in Wichita specifically, with a total of 647,610 in the entire metro area.

Wichita was initially a trading post in the 1960s along the Chisholm Trail.  Incorporated in 1870, it was a destination location for cattle drives from Texas and earned the nickname “Cowtown”.  Wichita was such a feature in the Wild West, that Wyatt Earp actually served as a police officer here for about a year before moving on to fame in Dodge City.

With the advent of air travel, Wichita became known as the “Air Capital of the World”.  Even to this day, aeronautical titans like Airbus, Learjet and Boeing/Spirit Aerosystems operate design and manufacturing facilities locally.

Things To Do in Wichita

As a family-oriented business, most of our favorite activities are suitable for people of all ages and interests.  Here is the Beachy Contracting List of Top 3 Fun Things to do in Wichita!

  1. Sedgwick County Zoo.  Home to nearly 3000 animals, covering 400 species.  The Sedgwick Zoo boasts a natural setting.  Exhibits include such locals as Asia, Africa, Tropics, Amphibians, Orangutan Chimpanzee Habitat, Gorilla Forest and the Children’s Farms.  One claim to fame is the South American/Australia exhibits, which is among the largest walk-through aviaries in the United States.
  2. Botanica – The Wichita Gardens.  Found within Sim Park, Botanica’s cultivated landscape offers themed gardens.  Examples include the Shakespeare Garden, Butterfly Garden, and award-winning Sally Stone Sensory Garden.  They also offer special children’s programs.
  3. Keeper of the Plains.  This sculpture by Renowned Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin stands at the crossroads of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers and has become a symbol of Wichita and a tribute to the local American Indian tribes.

Limiting ourselves to only the top 3 things is really unfair.  If you have other things you enjoy in Wichita and would like to share, or if you need professional service from the team, please call us 877-277-0829.