Pole Frame Buildings- Wichita, KS

Steel and stick-frame construction are less efficient, take more time, and are more expensive to construct instead of a specialized pole barn. Maybe pole structures aren’t a horrible idea after all. Pole frame building has many advantages, which we will go over in this blog. Workers at Beachy Contracting are trained to work on a wide array of jobs and are highly experienced. Wichita, Kansas-based Beachy Contracting specializes in both new constructions and repairs. If you want more information about us, call us at 877-277-0829.


Remember that a pole shed has fewer load-bearing walls to be structurally sound than a normal woodshed. There will be less time spent framing and construction, lower labor costs, and less waste due to this choice. Some pole frame builders design another way than others. Still, we ensure that the structural integrity is not impacted by the parts we use in our designs, construction process, and engineering. Structure means how well a pole barn will hold up under predicted structural loads without collapsing or buckling. Small or large, every pole frame building must be built to resist lateral and vertical stress correctly.

With a pole frame, you have creative freedom for floor designs that must be multipurpose, open, or adaptable. Window and door placement are totally up to you. You can get creative with your plan because of how versatile pole frame buildings and pole barns are. Pole frame construction companies usually have a small backlog as the year starts. This gives you the freedom to get on location quicker and complete your job on time.

If you like a particular building design but have some suggestions for improvement, call us anytime. We are a company that specializes in the construction of pole frame buildings. Our pole barns are tailor-made to meet your specific wants. Our sales staff will contact you to begin the estimation process after getting your design request. If there is anything more you want to know, call Beachy Contracting anytime at 877-277-0829, and we will help you with any questions you may have.