Commercial Roofing

Whether you’re a business owner or property manager, you know the value of your commercial roof.  So do we.  We both know that a solid, healthy, functioning roof is invaluable in protecting your investment, your business, and your inventory.  What we know that you may not, is the best way to ensure that the roof provides you with its full lifespan of protection.

Every building and every roof offers its own unique needs and requirements.  What works well for an apartment complex with a sloped roof does not work well for a food processing plant with a flat roof.  Knowing the special needs of each allows the Beachy Contracting team to provide you with the very best recommendations regarding your commercial roofing situation.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial roofs have different systems to choose from, depending on the business housed and the style of the roofing structure.  Understanding each system is step one in determining which is best for your commercial roof.

Shingles.  Good old-fashioned shingles are definitely a viable option, particularly if your building has a significant slope.   Whether you prefer the traditional look of an asphalt shingle, a Caribbean feel with clay tiles or even a very upscale ambience with slate, there is a shingle to match your taste and style.

Shingles and tiles are both installed in overlapping layers, starting at the eaves of the building, and working up to the ridgeline.  This overlapping technique, coupled with the roof slope, funnels water down the roof into the gutter system.  The overlap leaves no gaps for water to penetrate.

Durable, strong, and versatile, shingles come with an expected lifespan ranging from 15-30 years for asphalt shingles to 50+ years for metal shingles. 

Single-Ply Membranes.  Single-ply membranes work best on flat or low-slope buildings.  Low-slope roofs have a tendency toward water ponding, which leads to system breakdown and eventual leak development.  Single-ply membranes are designed to be resistant to ponding water issues.  Another strong feature is the greatly reduced seams, which also reduce the risk of leak development.

Single-ply roofing systems come in rolls of material of various chemical compositions.  The most common are PVC, TPO and EPDM.  Regardless of the type, the membrane is rolled across the existing roofing system.  It is either mechanically fastened, chemically adhered or in rarer cases, ballasted with gravel.  The seams between the rolls are either chemically adhered together or heat welded.

Membranes are resistant to UV radiation, reflective of solar heat and have an expected lifespan ranging from 25 to 40 years and can be re-applied, as appropriate. 

Coatings.  Coatings are also best applied on flat or low-slope roofing structures.  There are different compositions, depending on the existing roofing system (substrate) and the type of business housed. 

Coatings are liquid materials that are either rolled or sprayed directly onto the existing roofing structure.  As the liquid dries, it forms a single, monolithic layer of waterproofing protection across the entire surface, including protrusions like A/C vents.  Another key benefit of coatings is their highly reflective nature, with some reflecting up to 85% of solar heat.  This results in significant cooling cost savings.

A special type of coating is spray polyurethane foam or SPF.  SPF begins as 2 different liquids that are spray applied.  As they mix, they expand up to 30% their initial volume, sealing cracks and defects.  SPF has the highest R-value of any coating material, offering vastly improved insulation properties to the building.

Metal.  Metal roofing systems are one of the strongest and longest lasting systems available for your commercial building.   No longer just the corrugated metal sheets many of us envision, metal roofing systems come in a wide array of strong, yet aesthetically pleasing options.

Method of installation depends on the type of metal system selected, as well as the roof slope and type of business housed. 

Metal roofing systems have lifespans of 50+ years when properly maintained and unquestionably add value to the buildings they protect.

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