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Commercial Roofing Services – Oklahoma City, OK

Having first-grade commercial roofing services conducted on your roof proves worthwhile when it comes to keeping it in an optimal state for many coming years. There are ample commercial roofing services, such as roof coating, leak detection, and repair, aimed at prolonging the lifespan of your commercial roof. At Beachy Contracting, we believe that delivering first-rate customer service is the best way to go. Regardless of the scale or nature of your roofing job, our skilled craftsmen can carry it out with unmatched dedication since we aim to provide commercial building owners with dependable roofs year after year. If you are a resident of Oklahoma City, OK, reach out to us at (877) 277-0829 and let us serve you to the best of our abilities.

In-depth Inspection

A roof inspection is the fundamental component of any commercial roofing service. At Beachy Contracting, irrespective of the type of your roofing system, our roofing specialists have the skillset to conduct a detailed check-up of your roof. They can determine the hassles with your roof before they become a headache and result in expensive repairs in the future.

Generally, it would help if you had your commercial roof checked at least a couple of times a year. However, if you remain unsure about the condition of your roof, feel free to call us for a fair-priced roof inspection.

Top-Notch Repairs, Restorations, and Replacements

Depending on its condition, your commercial roof could face a hurdle on its pathway to success and it could either require repair or restoration to get back on track. However, when its shape has gotten out of hand, you may even have to go with a complete roof replacement as well. Whatever the case may be, you can feel at peace. No matter the job at hand, our expert roofers always have one thing in mind, and that is to achieve the highest significant degree of customer satisfaction.

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Oklahoma’s varying weather can pose certain risks to the well-being of your commercial roof. Therefore, you must have high-quality commercial roofing services at your disposal. If your commercial building is based in Oklahoma City, OK, your best option is Beachy Contracting. Call us today at (877) 277-0829.

Residential Roofing Services – Oklahoma City, OK

Are you a homeowner who wants to use first-rate residential roofing services in Oklahoma City, OK? Well, you have come to the right place. Beachy Contracting is the premier roofing company in Oklahoma when it comes to giving your home’s roof the attention it needs. Due to our unshakeable commitment towards our job, today, we have a list of long-term residential clients in the state of Oklahoma. We strongly believe that every client must be provided with only reliable services. For that, we are never hesitant to go the extra mile. Reach out to us at (877) 277-0829 for further details about our residential roofing services.

Full-service Contractor

The harsh climate of Oklahoma, all year long, can seriously take its toll on your home’s roof, putting the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. To tackle the repercussions of different weather extremities, you must have top-notch roofing services at your disposal. As a full-service contractor, Beachy Contracting has the answer to any roofing problem your roof may encounter. Regardless of the type of your roof, it might need minor repairs, restoration, or, in extreme cases, a complete replacement. Worry not, though, as the skillset of our seasoned roofers extends to just about every roofing service.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With a renowned roofing contractor, such as Beachy Contracting, to take care of the needs of your home’s roof, you can rest easy knowing that, due to the unmatched artistry of our skilled roofers, you will be served with only long-standing solutions. It would help if you kept in mind that, for extraordinary customer support, world-class craftsmanship and top roofing products go hand-in-hand. This is why the roofing materials that we use come from the top-rated manufacturers in the market.

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The roof of your home plays a pivotal role in keeping you and your family safe. As such, you should do everything you can to keep it in an optimal state. Suppose you are a homeowner in Oklahoma City, OK, or the surrounding areas. In that case, you can put your trust in Beachy Contracting for dependable roofing services. Call us today at (877) 277-0829.

Hail Damage – Wichita, KS

Hailstorms have occurred quite frequently in recent summers in America. While it is true that your commercial roof was intended to last for decades, these frequent hailstorms can undoubtedly present a severe hurdle in its path to success. Luckily for you, if you are a commercial building owner in Wichita, KS, then you can count on the expert roofers of Beachy Contracting for efficient and long-standing solutions for all sorts of hail damage. For multiple years now, they have been successfully tackling the roofing needs of the commercial building owners of Kansas. They are well aware of the intricacies of just about any roofing problem at hand; hail damage is not an exception in that regard. Hence, don’t wait any longer for practical solutions to hail damage, and call us at 877-277-0829 today.

Detailed Inspection

Now that we know that your commercial roof has contracted some damage from the recent hail, to determine its exact location, nature, and magnitude, we prefer to commence our roofing service with a detailed evaluation of your roof. In this estimate, we go over your roof in detail and present our findings and the proposed solutions in a no-obligation estimate.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will immediately start the work.

Appropriate Solutions

The type of roofing service you would need depends upon the state of your roof. More often than not, roof repairs may be the answer you are looking for, while at other times, you may have to go with a roof restoration service. Anyhow, though, you can rely on the seasoned roofers of Beachy Contracting to provide you with precisely what you need. In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning that our services are personalized according to your desires, budget, and needs, so you can rest easy knowing that your roof is getting precisely what it needs.

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Has your commercial roof been suffering from hail damage recently? If so, all you have to do is contact the professional roofers at Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829. We are the leading roofers in Wichita, KS, and will arrive at your business premises in no time and solve any issues your roof is dealing with.

Shingle Repair – Wichita, KS

Asphalt shingles are widely regarded amongst commercial building owners in Wichita, KS. That is because of the countless benefits that roofing shingles carry, including extraordinary energy efficiency, versatility, and durability. However, similar to any other roofing system, a shingle roof is bound to deteriorate. When it becomes a problem, you should immediately reach out to the roofing experts, housed by Beachy Contracting. Irrespective of the type, scale, or nature of damage your shingle roof may have incurred, they can handle it efficiently. Reach out to us any time at 877-277-0829 and benefit from our top-of-the-line shingle repairs.

An In-Depth Roof Diagnosis

There are a variety of things that could go wrong with your commercial shingle roof. For instance, the shingles could be blown off, broken, or cracked. In any case, however, with our detailed roof evaluation service, we will root it out. When the problem(s) with your shingles have been identified, it will only be a matter of time before our skilled roofing crew performs the necessary repairs and takes care of everything!

Dependable Repairs

The roofing specialists of Beachy Contracting possess the required skillset to handle just about any type of shingle damage. We collaborate with some of the most well-known roof manufacturing brands in the market so that your project is supplied with only supreme roofing materials. When used in necessary repairs, these materials will last a long time!

Your Local Roofing Experts

Irrespective of the roofing job at hand, we always place customer appeasement in the highest regard. In order to appease you to the fullest, we treat you with due respect. Also, we keep open lines of communication during the whole roofing project, so that we can receive your input and then work in such a way that the end product aligns with your desires!

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Does your commercial roof in Wichita, KS, have damaged shingles? Well, for top-notch shingle repairs, you can put your trust in Beachy Contracting. With a wealth of experience at their back, our qualified roofing crew is fully equipped to get your roof’s singles back in top form. For further details, just call us at 877-277-0829!

Concrete – Wichita, KS

When we talk about the construction of commercial buildings in Kansas, concrete is amongst the most widely used materials. Its strength, durability, resilience, and longevity are some of the top reasons why it guarantees you a building’s decades-long lifespan. If you are a commercial building owner in Wichita, KS, and you are looking for reliable technicians who can construct a new concrete building for you or construct a concrete roof atop existing commercial premises, you have got no better option than Beachy Contracting. We deploy a crew of professional concrete specialists who have mastery over a range of concrete construction projects. They know precisely what it takes for your commercial building to succeed. Contact us today at 877-277-0829 for more details!

Flawless Solutions

There are a plethora of concrete services, that Beachy Contracting can offer you, including new building installation, restoration, repairs, and more. Regardless of what you require, you can rest assured that a perfect service will be conducted. We only utilize premium concrete in each one of our jobs. Therefore, our concrete projects are renowned for lasting a lifetime!

Why Choose Beachy Contracting?

When it comes to a material as common as concrete, a large number of construction companies can offer related services. However, it is worth keeping in mind that most of them can trick you into getting a costly project rather than offer you the right solutions. On the contrary, the concrete technicians of Beachy Contracting feel proud to put the needs of their invaluable customers above their own. In each of their jobs, they strive to attain the highest degree of customer satisfaction. And to achieve that, they mix their world-class workmanship with premium Conklin materials.

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Do you have a concrete construction project to tackle? Well, as a commercial building owner in Wichita, KS, you have got no better choice than Beachy Contracting. Therefore, get in touch with us today at 877-277-0829. Our seasoned roofers will conduct a detailed evaluation of the project site and then, apply all the required solutions effectively.

Insurance Claims – Wichita, KS

Damage to your building can be one of the worst things that can happen and leave you with so much to stress about. Not only do you have to focus on getting your building fixed, but you look after paperwork for your insurance claim as well. This can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when working with the professionals at Beachy Contracting. Don’t be alarmed if your building has been damaged and requires a ton of work. Our clients in Wichita, KS, can turn to Beachy Contracting for help and support through the process starting with your insurance claims. You can call us at 877-277-0829.

Why Experts Should Handle Your Insurance Claims

Having an expert contractor by your side may save you a lot of money and time when it comes to insurance claims. Insurance policies usually have a statute of limitations outlining the period you have to file a claim after your building has taken damage. Therefore, we always recommend evaluating your structure periodically, especially after harsh weather or a big storm.

A roof leak caused by hail or other functional damage could also be hidden in interior damage or mold in your building. The best approach to assessing claimable damage is to bring in an expert roofing and restoration contractor for an in-depth roof inspection. This aids the insurance claim process as a detailed property damage report is made with written records and photos. Our professionals at Beachy Contracting know how this process works and guide you through each step.

Having your claim inspected by an expert will give you confidence that you have covered everything. We are well-versed in the criteria used by insurance providers and companies. The paperwork we supply will be what they ask for. The format in which we write estimations is custom to their preferences. We also negotiate for you to ensure that you are being correctly compensated. And we will be there with you for the whole thing.

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If anything has damaged your property in Wichita, KS, call Beachy Contracting today at 877-277-0829.

Storm Restoration – Wichita, KS

When a storm strikes, you need help right away, and Beachy Contracting is here to help you get your roofing situation back to normal in no time so your business doesn’t have to go through unnecessarily long downtime. If you are based in Wichita, Kansas, call Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829 and get in touch with our experts today.

How can a storm damage your building?

Storms can damage or ruin your building’s exterior. That doesn’t mean you have to completely remove and replace all of your siding and roofing materials. Due to excessive humidity and prolonged moisture in the materials, even undamaged areas of your structure can certainly develop mould, mildew, or other staining issues in the aftermath of a storm. Although Beachy Contracting is unable to resurrect goods lost in the storm, we can make the residual damage vanish. Without harming siding, wood, or roof tiles, our technique restores the natural beauty of your building’s exterior and also enhance its performance from a commercial standpoint.

Storms bring a lot of water with them. Even if your building is not near the coast, a broken sump pump might result in flooding. Water may inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time, necessitating quick response and mitigation. Water damage restoration is made as simple and thorough as possible by Beachy Contracting. Rather than tearing down damaged walls and floors, Beachy Contracting uses strategies and solutions to dry hard-to-reach areas fast while also preserving vulnerable surfaces from mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Severe weather brings a lot of rain and flooding, which results in high humidity and saturated air. This moisture gets into your ducts, where it gives birth to new mold, mildew, and bacterial growth that can spread to other areas. It’s critical to clear out your ducts after a severe storm, especially if you’ve had any flooding. Our cleaning products can handle the tough job of killing harmful fungal or mold growth without compromising the quality of your indoor air. If you live in Wichita, Kansas, call Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829 to get the ideal experience you deserve.

Residential Roofing Services – Wichita, KS

 For the benefit of both homeowners and home sellers, residential roofing is a worthwhile investment. This article discusses some of the major reasons why residential roofing services are critical for both homeowners and house sellers. If you are based in Wichita, Kansas, call Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829 to learn more.


Importance of residential roofing services:

The high level of attractiveness that professional residential roofing services bring to the entire property is one of the primary perks that many people seek for. As a result, good residential roofing services aid in enhancing the first impression to numerous people that come to visit you. You can boost the value of your residential building by adding a new roof or ensuring that your current is well taken care of.

This is one of the factors that contribute to the comfort of living in your house with your family. Many property owners want to sell their property quickly and for a good price, which is why residential roofing is so vital for increasing a property’s overall value and generating more money from its sale. Another argument for the importance of residential roofing services is that it protects occupants from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, one more advantage that residential roofing services provide is that they promote good health, particularly among residents. Residential roofing services also contribute to residents’ safety by ensuring that their roof is permanent and not prone to collapsing.

Many people all over the world are unable to obtain adequate roofing services due to a lack of knowledge about how to select the best residential roofers. Roofing contractors are not only trained to install roofs, but also to repair roofs that have suffered various problems as a result of their depreciation.


The quality of our services and our commitment to quality are what sets us apart! You can check testimonials and reviews of our customers. This will help you understand why we are one of the best roofing services on the market. We have been offering roofing services for years and know how important customer satisfaction is. If you are based in Wichita, KS, then contact Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829 for more information.

Pole Frame Buildings- Wichita, KS

Steel and stick-frame construction are less efficient, take more time, and are more expensive to construct instead of a specialized pole barn. Maybe pole structures aren’t a horrible idea after all. Pole frame building has many advantages, which we will go over in this blog. Workers at Beachy Contracting are trained to work on a wide array of jobs and are highly experienced. Wichita, Kansas-based Beachy Contracting specializes in both new constructions and repairs. If you want more information about us, call us at 877-277-0829.


Remember that a pole shed has fewer load-bearing walls to be structurally sound than a normal woodshed. There will be less time spent framing and construction, lower labor costs, and less waste due to this choice. Some pole frame builders design another way than others. Still, we ensure that the structural integrity is not impacted by the parts we use in our designs, construction process, and engineering. Structure means how well a pole barn will hold up under predicted structural loads without collapsing or buckling. Small or large, every pole frame building must be built to resist lateral and vertical stress correctly.

With a pole frame, you have creative freedom for floor designs that must be multipurpose, open, or adaptable. Window and door placement are totally up to you. You can get creative with your plan because of how versatile pole frame buildings and pole barns are. Pole frame construction companies usually have a small backlog as the year starts. This gives you the freedom to get on location quicker and complete your job on time.

If you like a particular building design but have some suggestions for improvement, call us anytime. We are a company that specializes in the construction of pole frame buildings. Our pole barns are tailor-made to meet your specific wants. Our sales staff will contact you to begin the estimation process after getting your design request. If there is anything more you want to know, call Beachy Contracting anytime at 877-277-0829, and we will help you with any questions you may have.

Metal Roofing – Wichita, KS

It’s a big decision to decide what kind of roofing material you want for your replacement. To choose the proper sort of roofing material that are best suited to your building’s needs , you must conduct an extensive study and absorb a great deal of information. Below, we’ll go through three different types of roofing materials so you can pick which one is best for you. If you are based in Wichita, Kansas, call Beachy Contracting at 877-277-0829 to learn more.

The different types of roofing available on the market:

Roof made of Asphalt:

The most popular roofing material used currently are asphalt shingles. The appeal stems from the fact that it is the most cost-effective style of roof available. Asphalt shingles and other asphalt roofing components make up the majority of an asphalt roof. The beautiful thing about asphalt roofs is that you can choose from a variety of shingles depending on your budget and desired style.

Roofing made of Metal:

Due to its long lifespan and attractive appearance, metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular among property owners. Standing-seam and screw-down panels are the two types of metal roof systems. A standing seam metal roof system is made up of a series of metal panels that are mechanically seamed or fastened together at the seams. When the metal heats up, the panels expand and compress freely. A screw-down panel is exactly that: it’s screwed down. The screws are driven all the way through the metal panel, leaving no room for expansion or contraction.

Cedar Shake Roofs:

A cedar shake roof is a high-end roofing option composed of natural wood (cedar). While it performs the same tasks as an asphalt or metal roof, it is one of the most attractive roofs you’ll come across in terms of appearance. That is what distinguishes a cedar shake roof from other roof kinds. Cedar shake shingles come in three different grades (types). There are three types of grain: common, select, and 100 percent straight grain. To get the most out of a cedar shake roof, you must choose 100 percent straight-grain cedar shake shingles but you also need to make this decision on the basis of your building/ business’ requirements as well and that is why you should always consult a trusted roofing company before making any decision.

Beachy Contracting has assisted people in Wichita, Kansas in finding the right roof for them. We offer a unique roofing experience focused on education, customer service, and high-quality workmanship, which is uncommon in the industry. If you live in Wichita, Kansas, give us a call at 877-277-0829 to get the ideal experience you deserve.